CLICK HERE to download spreadsheet of volunteers who want to help our homeowners with everything from cleanup to renovation.


The Columbine Water District has cleared the water for consumption. You do not need to boil the water. If the water is discolored, run your water for a few minutes to clear it up.


Information related to your home

Grand County Clean-Up-and-Recovery-Guide

Disposal Notification Form

Asbestos East Troublesome Fire info

Clean Up Your Site

Questions to ask your contractor


Insurance Tips 

CLCC Ins Info


Information for help or to help others

Evacuees who need housing

Providing housing for evacuees

Colorado Crisis Services

Coping with Traumatic Disasters

Grand County Help For Seniors

Post Home MA

Self Care

SNAP Food Assistance

Southern Baptist Convention-Disaster Relief

WIC Help

Wildfire Relief For Veterans

Wildfire Recovery Support


Tool and more News

As fire ripped through Colorado, this worried homeowner kept busy by painting


“Worse than anything you could have imagined”: How the East Troublesome fire became so destructive

Fire Viewer Map

Possible Mountain Lion and other Wildlife moving into town

Fire email blast

East Troublesome Fire e-mail blasts

Slash and Authorized Personnel Sign

important community info

Property Repair and Clean-up

Health and Safety Cautions  and CDPHE-East Troublesome R Handout

Xcel Information of all homeowners

rentry info 11/02/20

e-mail blast 11/1/20

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Columbine Lake Fire Fund

100% of these proceeds are committed to our community, and this site is sanctioned by the CLCC Board of Directors.  This site was created by CLCC Homeowners in collaboration with the Board, and operates under the direction of the Board Appointee, Liza Eilers.

PLEASE DESIGNATE in your comments (when you donate) how you want your funds used (i.e. (1) HOMEOWNERS/STAFF who lost homes, or (2) COMMUNITY INFRASTRUCTURE)


Community Donations


Many CLCC homeowners are asking where donations can be sent.

Community Donations


Grand Lake Fire Department

Encouraging donations for our small fire department Checks can be sent to: Grand Lake Fire PO Box 1408 Grand Lake, CO 80447

Ellie Ruby St. Germain, wife of Ass’t Fire Chief

Raising money for first responders that lost homes Go Fund Me: First Responders who Lost Their Homes


Grand Foundation

Soliciting donations for the Wildfire Emergency Fund that gives to evacuated, displaced or lost homes

Mountain Family Center

Providing food pantry, mortgage, rent and utility assistance

Grand County Outbreak of Kindness

Outreach and assistance to older than 60, housebound or medically needy with errands and food. Also coordinating donations of goods at the Fraser Valley Elementary:

Abstract Artist Christian Dore

Silent Art Auction – Raising money for families who have lost homes due to the East Troublesome Fire in Grand Lake, Colorado


Below are a few links for updated information and resources.  


COVID-19 Updates from Grand County

Resources for COVID-19 Community Emergency Response


Please welcome Sharon Illsley as the newest addition to CLCC Board of Directors. Sharon and her husband Glenn retired in 2019 with plans to make Columbine Lake their retirement home. They spent most of their time working in Alaska. Sharon served the State of Alaska for 25 years, 13 as an attorney with the district attorney’s office, and 12 as a judge. While their new to the community as full-time residents, they have a long history with the area. Glenn has been coming to Columbine Lake since his family built a cabin on the Lake in 1970 and Sharon has been coming here since she met Glenn in 1987. They are now planning a major remodel of the 1970 cabin. Please take the time to introduce yourself to Sharon when you see her out and about CLCC.


Volunteer Opportunities at Columbine Lake

We are always looking for Homeowners with specials skills that we might be able to utilize.  If you have a special skill we might be able to use or just want to help out when needed please let us know.

sign up here



Short Term Rental Complaint Hot Line #   970-725-6022

Citizen Report of Possible Violation of Public Health Orders (PHO)




CLCC Permit Application

Grand County Permit

Frequently Asked Questions


Boat Rack Map

Below is a map of the numbers for our boat racks. Please be sure you have CLCC stickers on your boat!  Any questions, feel free to contact the office at  Thank you.

Grand County Fire Restrictions

Stage 3 Fire Restrictions

As of Wednesday, August 19, 2020: STAGE 3 Fire Restrictions in place for the U.S. Forest Closure Area. All non-essential personnel are prohibited from entering, being upon, or using the lands within this area.

2020-8-7 Stage 3 Fire Restrictions

Ordinance #20

Stage 2 Fire Restrictions

As of Thursday, August 13, 2020: STAGE 2 Fire Restrictions in place for all of Grand County including USFS and BLM lands. No open flames!!

2020-8-4 Stage 2 Fire Restrictions

Stage 2 Fire Restrictions Infographic

Fire Restriction Brochure

CLCC NEVER allows ANY fireworks or sparklers

Thank you for following all fire regulations & keeping our neighborhood safe from fire!

Weed Warrior

Don’t forget…. we always need YOUR help with Noxious Weeds!

Columbine Lake has an active effort to manage & control our noxious weeds, both on private & community property. It is aptly named, the Weed Warrior Program. It is headed today by Betty Bush. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the noxious weeds around Columbine Lake. The 4 main state-listed noxious weed plants are:

  • Scentless Chamomile (primary target this year)
  • Oxeye Daisy
  • Yellow Toadflax
  • Canada Thistle

ARBOR CARE Tree Service and Mistletoe which will give you lots of information. If you want specific information or would like to help, feel free to contact Betty Bush at Let’s remember … Wildlife will NOT eat them.

Animal Control Ordinances . . .

Please click here to read the Grand County Animal Control Ordinances.

Animal Shelter: (970) 887-2988

Sherriff’s Office: (970) 725-3343



Clubhouse Hours – Clubhouse is closed due to COVID-19.   Decisions are made during the monthly board meetings.

CLCC office is currently close due to the East Troublesome Fire.

We are available by email and phone

Office:  970-627-8120

PO Box 714, Grand Lake, CO  80447

Short Term Rental Complaint Hot Line #   970-725-6022


Clubhouse is currently closed due to COVID-19.



COLUMBINE LAKE FIRE FUND – 100% of these proceeds are committed to our community, and this site is sanctioned by the CLCC Board of Directors. DONATE